4 Things Companies Must Check for Selecting a Successful Payroll Outsourcing Partner

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Outsourcing is the buzz & it’s growing multi fold. We all know this.

Traditionally back offices for big corporate houses were outsourced & than sales, customer support & so on.

Today outsourcing services has been to great extend optimised & organised. With sophisticated software & adherence to well defined processes, anything & everything is getting outsourced, leaving only the core business with the IN-house team.

Similar trends have been observed for Payroll process outsourcing & payroll compliances. There is a reason, Indian labour laws are complex & varies across states. This creates further need to partner with an expert who understands the business of payroll generation & its related compliances.

Experts suggest before you choose a payroll outsourcing partner this 4 criteria must be fulfilled:

1. Local partner with Global payroll outsourcing services practise

  • a. Works as a “professional friend”, who understands your payroll challenges & gives solutions that makes you 100% compliant towards payroll compliance
  • b. Present across geography for local level payroll compliance support
  • c. Adherence to standard defined payroll processes & SLA
  • d. Complete transparency at each stage of the payroll outsourcing process

2. Specially design payroll processing platform

  • a. Define payroll outsourcing workflow
  • b. Employee self service module for Leave / payroll / claims / Taxation

3. Integrated payroll services & Automated payroll solution

  • a. In-House team of professional payroll experts with integrated team of compliance
  • b. “An integrated payroll service company – that does not outsource your outsourced work”
  • c. Biometric attendance capturing to Paid days computation
  • d. Payroll generation to digital storage of payroll compliance data state wise & location wise
  • e. “Automated payroll processing platform for accurate & on time payroll”
  • f. Adherence to latest technology & data security

4. Payroll knowledge & consultative partner

  • a. Complete understanding of design of salary structure
  • b. All salary head implication linked to payroll compliance defined state wise
  • c. Suggest the correct approach towards adherence with rules of payroll & its compliance
  • d. On-going reviews of payroll process, audit of its payroll compliance. Submit progress reports, with a note of suggestion

Partnering with a payroll outsourcing company having expertise in all this 4 areas will result in happy payroll outsourcing experience for you as a payroll & HR manager and even the organisation.

If you have a point to add to the check list for selection criteria of a payroll outsource partner, please feel free to connect with me click here.

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